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Custom Sports Uniforms
Custom Sports Uniforms
Custom Sports Uniforms



Design custom made sports uniforms and custom made jerseys with LB4 Sport

LB4 Sport is an Australian sports uniform manufacturer of Custom Sports Uniforms. Providing Sports Uniforms for sports clubs, School team uniforms & Corporate Wear throughout Australia

Get your winning edge with LB4 Sport

LB4 Sport’s Vision is for every athlete and team to be proud of and excited to pull on their team uniforms. They will look good, be comfortable and be ready for the intensity of competition.

At LB4 Sport, we give every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customised sporting uniforms. Through our domestic and international suppliers / manufacturing networks we are able to supply cutting edge garments that can stand the test of competition.

LB4 Sport is able to provide custom made uniforms, customer made team wear and sports uniforms or club supporter clothing or accessories.

Whether it is custom made rugby whites, rugby uniforms, netball dresses, men’s or ladies hockey uniforms, touch rugby uniforms or anything, our in-house graphic designers can design your winning customised uniform design. In addition, we offer a ‘Design Your Own’ feature where you can create your own sportswear that allows you to take full control.

All our customised sports uniforms cover Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tough Rugby, AFL, Soccer, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Athletics, Dance and more.

LB4 Sport can also provide club support / off field apparel from hoodies, windbreakers, polo tops, shorts, backpack, gear bags all with club and sponsor logos. Call our consultant on 0428 202 027 to find out how we can help you get your team a winning edge.

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